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The Issues at Hand

Issues: Ward 4 

Resident Concerns

For far too long, residents in our community have felt that their concerns have been ignored.  I am and will certainly be, a visible, responsive, and hands on representative.  When a community with their perspectives, voices and needs are centred – the result will inevitably be a vibrant community that is cohesive, empathetic, and engaged – resulting in the greater good of everyone.

I will continue to be a beacon of open communication and provide residents with ongoing updates and plans to meet and engage on some of the various different initiatives within our Ward.


Poverty, Homelessness

No one can doubt that the pandemic has brought a spotlight to those most in need in our community. Visibly or invisibly, a community helps their own, and I can take leadership on this at the City and Region.  As someone who is and has been very involved in the local poverty reduction and homelessness supportive movement throughout Peel, I have expertise and perspectives on how community can better support our own.  I will continue this advocacy and be a voice for those who are most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods.  Creating and maintaining affordable housing options and ensuring we have local community-based programs and services will be my top priority.


Community Engagement and Vitality

Community starts with YOU!  I have had the opportunity to participate and learn from other Vibrant Communities on why and how to build inclusive and engaged neighbourhoods.  Ward 4 has some of the most incredible residents, businesses, infrastructure, landscapes, parks and schools.  We surround the heartbeat of the city – the City Centre and the beautiful grounds of the Valley.  We need to feel a part of each other!  This is why we need more locally organized events that involves and is driven by citizens and local businesses. We all deserve to know, care, and support each other and we can only do this by building our community together.


Supporting Local Business

The heart and soul of any community starts and ends with our local businesses.  Any good representee will be their champion.  In these difficult times, it is imperative to ensure the resilience and sustainability of our local businesses and provide any and all resources and means to bring visibility, and most importantly local patronage.  I will work to create a local BIA and provide support to them to ensure that residents know their stories, the works of their wear and promote their services within our Ward and beyond.

Safety and Security

Our community should feel safe and inclusive.  I will support residents in their creation of a local Resident’s Association and be able to engage community members in advocating for what they need most.  Again, putting people at the centre, I will provide support, assistance, and champion their initiatives to ensure a safe and vibrant community.  I will also work with local officials to address any and all safety concerns and expedite supports and security measures if necessary.  We need to work together to look out for our neighbours, their assets, and our shared common spaces.

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